Animal Euthanasia in Romania

Romania could be facing to extermination of millions of street dogs as this is what is being seriously looked at by the government.

This is obviously a very sad. I am well aware of the stray dog situation in Romania living near a shelter housing 5,000, but his blends into insignificance compared to 5,000,000+ on the streets.

From my experience, dogs mainly become aggressive only after being attacked or hurt by humans with stones, sticks, cars  or beaten by drunk owners while they are chained up for life. I own a beautiful German/Romanian shepherd stray, which had her ear cut by somebody to make her more aggressive, fortunately, it did not work; she is really lovely, obedient and goes everywhere with my daughter, staying at her side, training our dog Alma was so easy.

Jude & Alma

The problem lies with the education of people as the root cause; many have little idea about animal welfare and animal rights. Chaining up a dog for life is the mentality of many. Also is sterilising a dog and putting them back on the streets to be hit by cars or have their legs run over and broken. There is nothing worse than seeing a dog with a freshly broken leg trying to walk, the look of pain and bewilderment clearly says, “what have I done to myself”, it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

The crazy thing is that the standard of car driving in Romania is appalling; drivers can kill and maim people, you feel with virtual impunity. Do they have car drivers euthanize, of course not.

However, this is beside the point, clearly, something has to be done with regards to the dog situation and the numbers on the streets must be reduced, but this should be addressed in controlled and dignified way and not as a financial opportunity to take even more tax money from the people. Dog collectors are paid between up to € 250 per dog, the less time they are kept alive, the more money / profit they make. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. That is why in some areas as they clear them of dogs, more are being transported back into the areas!

A French film star is partly responsible for the situation being totally out of control today. Previously when the numbers were smaller she created so much emotion when they wanted to deal with the dogs in a similar way to the rest of Western Europe, the situation now has mushroomed out of control.

However, without educating people regarding animal rights and welfare little will change in the end. A glimmer of hope is that the younger generation shows more care towards animals, maybe this is because of television.

The way forward:

  • Finance and the program design & implementation to be controlled totally by the EU
  • Educate and encourage people regarding animal rights and welfare
  • The standard of the shelters / pounds must be improved
  • Promote free sterilization throughout to media
  • Worldwide campaign to raise donations and help rehome as many dogs as possible
  • Sadly euthanize dangerous, or dogs beyond reasonable help (however, these are difficult situations to define)
  • Also there does have to be a reasonable and manageable time limit set by the shelters

We should always remember that people have created this terrible situation and it is not the fault of the dogs, but certainly, they will pay the penalty.

Oh yes, a stray that was dumped opposite my house has just given birth to 10 puppies in the ditch. Should I amend the above figure to 5,000,010+, or should I take them to the pound and towards certain death, I am already feeding too many, there is no easy solution.

About Paul Brazier

I was a well travelled businessman. Now retired and enjoying life fully, I can get to know places much better and spend my time travelling around Europe, particularly Romania.
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